Emergency Stretcher
A stretcher is an apparatus used for moving patients who require medical care
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CT Scan is a diagnostic medical test
Invaluable in diagnosing and treating spinal problems
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Manual portable suction units


B-Vac is an aspirator for secretions which is easy to use, portable, stable and compact and which generates a vacuum of -550 mm Hg [-21.65 in Hg]. Just one hand is sufficient to generate the vacuum. An essential design allows for ambidextrous use. In order to guarantee efficiency and precision the B-Vac incorporates a novel and practical system which permits selection for use on either adult or paediatric patients. In order to guarantee viral and bacterial protection the product has an easily replaceable filter. The 110 ° rotation of the tube allows for better access even in restricted areas. The use of the latest generation of techno polymers for the construction ensures a long life and easy sanitation. B-Vac - RV71150B

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Res-Q-Vac is an easy to use suction pump, portable, stable and compact, capable of generating a suction of -300 mm Hg [-11.81 in Hg] by pressing the pedal with hand, knee or foot. In emergency situations it allows clearing of patients' airways safely, quickly and efficiently. The precision of the wiring and the solid structure assure a long lasting product. The structure made of polycarbonate is strong and is very easy to clean. The autoclavable vase is complete with an overspill valve. If you think of a suction pump independent of any power source, compact and light but at the same time strong and efficient, with a competitive price then Res-Q-Vac is the one for you.

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