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A stretcher is an apparatus used for moving patients who require medical care
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CT Scan is a diagnostic medical test
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Oxygen outlets unit


Flexibility is the keyword that identifies us: Spencer is actively occupied in satisfying the different needs of customers from various parts of the world. Present and well-known in many countries, from the European Union to North Africa, from the Middle East to South America, Spencer products are in compliance with all local norms and user standards. Design, functional technology and flexibility in use are the main characteristics of the Pop system. The Pop system is a new solution for the ambulance systems which thanks to its modular architecture allows optimal integration with the user's needs. The system is easily personalized by just the addition of new modules with different operational and diagnostic specializations which guarantee high standards of reliability and safety and enable specific and efficient operations in compliancy with the most severe international norms and prescriptions. The protection of both commands and operators along with protection of the commands of the equipment in use, are the base of the system's safety. High technology and maximum protection for highly qualitative and professional systems.
UNI 9507 oxygen outlet module - OX04300A
three UNI 9507 oxygen outlets modules - OX04309A
UNI 9507 vacuum outlet module - OX04301A
UNI 9507 air outlet module - OX04302A
UNI 9507 nitrogen protoxide outlet - OX04303A
Low pressure manometer module - OX04304A
On/off selector module - OX04305A
Cylinder 1/cylinder 2/off deviation module - OX04306A
Monitox module - OX04307A
Electropneumatic exchanger module - OX04308A