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Pneumatic lung ventilators

Spencer 118-M

Protagonist with a great past. After more than ten years of running and parameter measurements of mechanic ventilation, Spencer faces your future with the promise to keep on being among the most qualified and somehow original worldwide producers of respiratory emergency ventilators for transport. Every mechanical or electronic respirator form the brand of the star, be it a classic or a new entry, this way becomes an instrument of great reliability and sophisticated technology, as only a product born from both vocation and more than ten-years of experience can be.

Versatile, simple and economic, Spencer 118-M is a ventilator with a total pneumatic supply. It grants time-cycled controlled ventilation, with limitation of pressure and constant square shape flow waves. The control instruments are placed so as to allow a clear and immediate reading exactly where they would logically lead you to look for them; indicators are reduced to the essential. Its intrinsic properties, the integrated electronic alarm systems and its small dimensions make it suitable especially for use outside of the hospital. Moreover, the new Spencer 118-M will permit you to discover the most advanced targets in the field of fluids, mechanics and electronics reached at present. The best way to be at the centre of action. Complete with: PVC patient circuit tube Spencer Mask size 4 non-rebreathing valve Dimensions: 480 x 200 x h255 mm [18.89 x 7.87 x h10.03 in] Weight: 4 kg [8.81 lbs] Spencer 118-M - EV11801B

Interest MC MI PA SP SV

Technical characteristics

PDrive: fluidic system Ventilation mode: controlled
Frequency: from 5 to 35 BpM
Flow: from 2 to 20 L/min
I/E connection: 1/2
Oxygen concentration: from 60 to 100%
Medical gas power supply: 3.5 kg/cm ± 0.5 [12.04 lbs/in ± 2.82]
Alarm battery duration: 3 years

Protection guard on selection switch avoids accidental movement, made according to the latest EN safety regulations which require 360 ° viewing. Moulded in red 6.6 polyamide, the switch is easily distinguished even in poor light conditions.

Patient circuit: corrugated tube Non-rebreathing valve: autoclavable
Medical gas alarm: sounding
Battery alarm: visual/sounding
Vacuum manometer:from -20to+70cm[from-7.87to+27.55 in]H2O
Medical gas power supply:3.5 bar
Structure:linear HDPE Panel: permanent polycarbonate

Vacuum manometer for precise readings of the airway pressure.On the graduated scale the pressure values at risk are highlighted in red. The zone reserved for the measurement of negative pressure is of great support to monitor the spontaneous respiration of the patient.

Spencer 118-M

PA name which is synonym of effectiveness and timeliness, it directly recalls an action which is precise, determinate and vital. This model is minimalist in design and is characterised by a technology that is a result of precise, reliable and repeatable processing, thanks to essential alarms and vital performance. The large frame is suitable to face the most difficult conditions of use: knobs and selectors have been increased to grant solidity and resistance to the most extreme uses. Even more, the exceptional impermeability of this system make it an outstanding automatic ventilator. To these qualities we can add that the dial is very easily read, even in case of scarce visibility. Its innovative design, its compact shape and the ease of transporting, make it the first portable ventilator that is authentically portable. The external protection is realised with an innovative techno polymer molded using technologically, advanced methods which produce an integral shockproof system. It succeeds in facing any challenge, it can with stand accidental bumps, vibrations, external accelerations, exposition to powerful magnetic fields and external changes in temperature. Thanks to its sturdy and precise core, it offers you new protection: a reliable and effective resuscitation device off road.
Dimensions: 480 x 200 x h455 mm [18.89 x 7.87 x h17.91 in]
Weight: 10 kg [22.04 lbs]
118 Mission - EV11802B

Embroidery Transport bag 150 x 50 mm [5.90 x 1.96 in] col 02 min 01
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