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A stretcher is an apparatus used for moving patients who require medical care
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CT Scan is a diagnostic medical test
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Portable electric suction units


Durable, lightweight, stable, compact, practical. In just one word AMBUJET. The new Spencer suction unit. The most advanced in the world. The only suction unit with an integral indestructible polyethylene shell able to fully protect both the unit and the vase from bumps and impact damage. The world's lightest vacuum device at just 2,65 kg [5.84 lbs] but also the most compact and stable thanks to it's extraordinary geometric architecture. AMBUJET is the one and only suction device equipped with a certified 20 G fixing system made super easy to use thanks to the speed at which the battery can be substituted and no hassle direct connection of the vase to the suction unit which makes installation of the container fast and simple and reduces the number of components and repair costs. AMBUJET P 800 D 10 G - SC75550D AMBUJET P 1000 R 10 G - SC75650D AMBUJET 800 D 10 G - SC75750D AMBUJET 1000 R 10 G - SC75850D AMBUJET P 800 D 20 G - SC75500D AMBUJET P 1000 R 20 G - SC75600D AMBUJET 800 D 20 G - SC75700D AMBUJET 1000 R 20 G - SC75800D

Jet Compact / Jet Wire

Jet Compact is a reliable portable medical suction device used to remove fluids from the airways. The device creates negative pressure (suction) and extracts fluids through a single use tube connected to the collection vase. The fluids are then trapped in the vase prior to the appropriate elimination. This suction device is ideal for use in the emergency field, during transport or in the hospitals. You will be surprised by its compact and lightweight versatility. The motor, which does not require any special maintenance, guarantees a flow of 32 L/min at -550 mm Hg. Its professional design makes it just as easy to position in a hospital as in an ambulance and/or in a rucksack. Impressive suction performance in a portable device with decisively minimal dimensions and extremely reduced weight. Its small dimensions make it particularly ideal for use inside a rucksack or emergency bag. Jet Compact - SC75100B Jet Wire - SC75400B Case for Jet Compact - SC75011D


The range of Blanco suction devices represents the fusion between manufacturing characteristics, functionality and contemporary technical specifications. An essential suction device, destined to climb the stairs towards the world of fame, towards end users who appreciate its technology and gentle design. The Blanco range has been mainly developed for use in hospitals and surgeries, but thanks to the integrated grip handle, it can easily be used on emergency transport vehicles as well. The vacuum pumps used for all models in the range are free of maintenance and are very efficient. The containers are autoclavable, are equipped with an antioverflow valve and a very effective closure system. The internal technology is protected by a techno-polymer body, which is very easy to clean. Blanco 220 V 16 L/min - SC10001B Blanco 12 V 16 L/min with battery - SC10002B Blanco 12 V 25 L/min - SC10003B Blanco 220 V 40 L/min - SC10004B Blanco 12 V/220 V 36 L/min with battery - SC10036B 10 G fixation - SC10012B

Porta Vac

The impressive simplicity of the shape of this model, together with the distinguished technical characteristics which guarantee extreme functionality, immediately attract attention. The rectangular vacuumeter perfectly integrates with the shapes of the body and is placed in a protected position, perfectly visible from above. The high-capacity engine does not need any maintenance and easily creates high grades of vacuum (-550 mm Hg [-19.68 in Hg]) and high capacity (23 L/min). Porta Vac can be supplied with a comfortable carrying bag, which can contain all the accessories, and with the metal wall-support for fixation on emergency vehicles.
Porta Vac - SC60001A
10 G fixation - SC60006E